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The Story of Sarah

My earliest memory of any artistic ability was of my mom and I coloring in a coloring book. She was coloring outside of the lines and I banned her from ever coloring. I know there's a metaphor there somewhere, lol

Growing up I was told art is not a stable career choice, so I chose to go into the education field. I graduated in 2019 from Cal Poly Pomona with a BA in Education.

As a daughter of immigrants, I felt I was destined to make my parents proud by continuing their American Dream by working in a good, stable job. Turns out, the real dream is to follow what makes you happy (even better when you can making a living out of it).

Currently, I am trying to move out and work full time on my business. Every purchase goes towards savings for a house. Any and all support is truly appreciated!

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Fun Facts

  • I am a 26 year old living at home cause California living is too damn expensive

  • I have 3 dogs, all are yappy Chihuahuas. Nena, Kokolatte and my sweet baby boy Chip <3 and I also have a female turtle named Michaelangelo.

  • I currently work as an Instructional Assistant and Substitute Teacher at the high school level.

  • I have another business where I design custom graduation caps. Feel free to check it out → Uncapped Creations

  • Base in the Los Angeles area in Southern California

  • I own a truck and I can ride a dirt bike

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